Wedding Drinks Calculator

Arrival drinks, champagne, wine and beer – it can be hard to work out what drink you need for your wedding reception. Wedding Drinks provides a helping hand to UK couples trying to figure out the needs of their thirsty guests.

Moving away from a "hotel wedding reception" allows couples to have a unique day that reflects their personalities, but it does make some things more complicated. You might have found the perfect venue, but if it doesn't come with a fully stocked bar and wine cellar you can find yourself with another worry.

The wedding drinks calculator has been built by an experienced hotel wedding co-ordinator and gives you an accurate guide to what you need to buy to keep your guests happy on your wedding day. Every wedding (and guest list!) varies of course, but our calculator will give you a useful starting point based on the habits of UK wedding guests.

You will need...

  • Arrival drinks

  • Wine with meal

    We assume 50% of wine consumed will be red. Warm weather or fish/chicken mains will lower than proportion

  • The toast

  • Evening drinks

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